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Dominating Performance

A Revolutionary Hypercar Built for the 21st Century.

Czinger represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering, innovation, automotive art and technology⁠-⁠based design.

In⁠-⁠line seating, dominating performance and revolutionary technology

The 21C was created by a team of designers, engineers and scientists using a revolutionary, Human⁠-⁠AI production system

This in⁠-⁠house invented system integrates automated design and optimization software, patented additive manufacturing driven processes, high accuracy automated assembly, and novel performance materials The 21C is the apex of Human⁠-⁠AI creativity

21C Powertrain
The 21C's hybrid powertrain uses the world's most power dense production IC engine as its foundation. It is a 2.88 liter, flat⁠-⁠plane crank V8 with twin turbos located mid⁠-⁠vehicle. The V8 is coupled with an 800V electric drive and regen system. An e⁠-⁠motor drives each front wheel and the batteries are charged during operation both through regenerative braking and a Motor Generator Unit (MGU) using a gear drive that is attached to the IC engine. The total strong hybrid system delivers a peak output of 1250hp (1233bhp). 
Seven⁠-⁠Speed Sequential Transaxle Gearbox
Our powertrain includes a seven⁠-⁠speed sequential transaxle gearbox with an electro-hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch to complete the entire drivetrain. 

Vehicle specifications
Top Speed 405 kph (253 mph) with low drag configuration 
0 - 100 kph (62 mph) 1.9s
0 - 300 kph (186 mph) 8.5s
0 - 400 kph (248 mph) 21.3s
0 - 300 - 0 kph (186 mph) 13.8s
0 - 400 - 0 kph (248 mph) 27.1s  

1/4 mile 8.1s 

Hybrid Power (Engine + EV)  
1,250 hp @ 10,500rpm
1,350 hp upgrade available

Twin-turbo V8
2.88 Liter 950 hp  
550 11,000 rpm redline
Power density 330 hp/liter

Electric Drive (EV)  
300 hp electric front axle with regenerative braking and torque vectoring
2.8 kWh, 420 hp high performance battery pack
Dry weight 1,250 kg (2,756 lbs) 

100-0 kph 30.5m (100ft)  
6 pot monoblock caliper
410mm carbon ceramic rotor  
4 pot monoblock caliper
390mm carbon ceramic rotor

7 speed sequential
automated manual transmission
hydraulically actuated clutch

638kg downforce at 161 kph (100 mph)
2,552kg downforce at 322 kph (200 mph)

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